Behlen Grain Bins

Big Bin Series

Big Bin Grain SystemBehlen is proud to introduce the Big Bin series designed for high capacity  operations. As with our entire line of  equipment, Behlen includes outstanding features, with an extensive history of excellence in design, quality and service in these bins. This series of bins includes: clear-span roof structures and capacities of more than 1,500,000 bushels (51,000 m3) of storage.

In addition to larger capacities, the Big Bin series has higher load ratings, and larger equipment mounting areas, all with the Behlen reputation of sturdy, long lasting construction. The clear span roof system allows for an open floor to improve unloading efficiencies which adds to bottom line profitability.


Commercial Bin Series

Commercial Grain Bin SystemAs a leading international supplier of grain storage equipment, Behlen is committed to providing quality products and services. This commitment has given Behlen a reputation as a World Class Manufacturer. For decades, Behlen bins have been used extensively in the United States, and throughout the world, storing a wide variety of products.

Behlen offers commercial storage bins in a variety of sizes. These bins were designed specifically for commercial applications. Engineers considered customer needs, efficiencies in design, production technology, ease of construction, and longevity to develop the best grain storage systems in the marketplace. A multitude of features packed in this series ensures your grain will be protected in the best possible way, providing you a competitive advantage in today’s markets.


Stiffened Grain Bin SystemStiffened Bin Series

Behlen offers outstanding features throughout our entire line of grain storage equipment with a long history of excellence in design, quality and service. We are committed to meeting customers’ needs. Customers get a value package that combines efficiencies in design, production processes and technology. You can rest assured your grain is safe with Behlen.

The Behlen Stiffened Series offers added strength and adaptability to allow the highest efficiencies in your operation.



Unstiffened Bin SeriesUnstiffened Bin Series

We know you work diligently to get every bushel from every acre. Rest assured, Behlen bins will work day and night to protect and store the grain you worked so hard to produce.

Behlen is keenly aware that on-farm storage requires the same quality, strength, and versatility as many commercial operations. With this in mind, we retained many of the design features from our commercial BIG BIN SERIES to not only meet, but exceed the heavy demands of today’s farming operations.